Uccle Sport - Uccle

The club of Uccle Sport, situated in Belgium’s most hockey populated region, will host 3 games of the Belgian teams (1 men's and 2 women's games) in a temporary stadium with a capacity of 3000 people.

On this location the olympic silver medal winning Red Lions played a remake of the Rio 2016 final against gold medal winner Argentina, gathering a record breaking 9200 supporters around the pitch. Good vibes assured!

Chaussée de Ruisbroek 18, 1180 Uccle

Mobility Information

Parking capacity in the neighborhood of Uccle Sport is very limited, therefor we kindly advise to use the public transport which brings you very close to the venue.

  • Tram 4 – Carrefour Stalle
  • Tram 32, 82, 97 – Neerstalle
  • Bus 50 – Uccle Sport

If you plan to come by bike, a bicycle parking is provided at the entrance of the stadium.

In case you'll take the car, limited parking space can be found at Parking Stalle, Rue de Stalle 282, 1180 Uccle.

Wilrijkse Plein - Antwerp

The brand new venue of Wilrijkse Plein in Antwerp, will also be the home of the 2020 FIH Pro League. A stadium of 3500 seats will be built to accommodate the supporters.

Vogelzanglaan 6, 2020 Antwerpen

Mobility Information

Find your easiest way to the stadium at www.slimnaarantwerpen.be


  • Fietsstalling in de directe nabijheid van de inkom.
  • A bicycle parking is provided at the entrance of the stadium
  • Closest 'Velo' stations:
    • 300 - Wilrijkse pleinen (30m)
    • 299 - Antwerp Expo (350m)


  • Coming from Brussels / Hasselt / The Netherlands:
    Antwerp Central --> Tram 2 (Hoboken) or Tram 6 (P+R Olympiade) --> Take station 'Antwerp Expo' (350m to the stadium)
  • Coming from Gent:
    Antwerpen Zuid --> 15min walk to the stadium.
  • Parking taxi at the entrance of the stadium


  • From Brussels (E19):
    E19 --> Exit Berchem / Singel --> Singel zuid / Hoboken --> Follow 'FIH Pro League'
  • From Brussels (A12):
    A12 --> Exit 13 Antw. zuid --> N177 Antwerp Expo --> Follow 'FIH Pro League'
  • Fom Gent:
    E17 --> Ring Antwerpen --> Exit 5 Berchem / Wilrijk --> Follow 'FIH Pro League'
  • From Hasselt:
    E313 --> Ring Antwerpen --> Exit A12 / Wilrijk --> Follow 'FIH Pro League'
  • From The Netherlands:
    E19 --> A12 direction Bergen-Op-Zoom --> Exit 16 Ekeren --> Parking P+R Luchtbal (Noorderlaan 485, 2030 Antwerpen) --> take tram 6 to Antwerp Expo.


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