The prestigious FIH Hockey Pro League will start again on January 11, 2020. It brings together the 9 very best national women's and men?s teams of the world, in a 6-month competition.

The Belgian Red Panthers will compete against the Netherlands, Argentina, Australia, Great Britain, Germany, India, New Zealand and China. At the men?s side, the Red Lions will face Australia, the Netherlands, Germany, India, Argentina, Spain, Great Britain and New Zealand.

In this second season there are three important changes compared to last year. Hockey giant India will be added to the competition in this new edition, with their women's and men's team. The Indian teams will certainly bring added value to the Pro League in terms of sports. But it is undoubtedly also the commercial strength of this country that will make the competition better and stronger.

When last season, in addition to their own home games against all the other teams, the teams flew around the world to play an away game in each country, the trips are now spread over 2 years. This means that for all teams, half of the away games will be played in 2020 and the other half in 2021. This is to drastically reduce the burden on athletes and the environment. But as each team still has to be played twice per season, this also means that the teams that play at home, will play 2 games in a row against the same opponent.

And with the Olympic Games in July 2020, the Grand Final will be abolished this season. The winner of this edition will be the team that finishes in first place after the regular competition.

The Belgian home games will start on May 15, until the 28th of June 2020 and will all be played in Antwerp, on the Wilrijkse Plein (same location as last summer's European Championship). Here the home program of the Belgian teams.

The full program of the FIH Hockey Pro League 2020 can be found HERE.